Levels Of Coverage


Levels of Coverage

Kia ProtectTM Mechanical Breakdown Protection offers various levels of coverage to suit your needs. Whether you want just the basic components covered or just about everything, you can tailor a plan that will fit your budget and coverage requirements. All plans available on new, Certified Pre-Owned and used Kia Vehicles.

5 Star Plan

Supreme protection for total peace of mind. All components are covered
except for a select list of exclusions.

4 Star Plan

Extensive coverage across the powertrain and many other critical vehicle
components that can be costly to repair.

3 Star Plan

Essential coverage for major powertrain components on your Kia.
Maximum coverage limit of $4,000 per repair visit.

Multi-media Software Package (Optional Upgrade)
With this package, the cost of all Kia recommended software updates to your vehicle’s entertainment and navigation systems are covered (up to $500).