Smart buyers read the fine print. Want to know what is not covered under Mechanical Breakdown Protection? Here’s what is excluded:


Non-factory audio equipment, shock absorbers and MacPherson struts and mounting plates, standard transmission clutch assembly, friction clutch disc and pressure plate, throw out bearing, manual linkages, safety restraint systems except air bag components due to mechanical failure, glass, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, fuses, cellular phones, televisions and DVD players, keyless entry transmitters (key fob), brake rotors and drums, exhaust and emission systems, batteries, weather strips, trim items, moldings, bright metal, chrome, upholstery and carpet, paint, outside ornamentation, bumpers, body sheet metal and panels, frame and structural body parts.

Maintenance related services and parts:

Alignments, wheel balancing, tune-ups, spark plugs, spark plug wires, hoses (except steering and air conditioning), belts (except timing belt), brake pads, brake linings/shoes, and wiper blades. Filters, lubricants, coolants, fluids and refrigerants will be covered only if replacement is required in connection with a covered breakdown.