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Kia Vancouver Wheel Alignment

Kia Vancouver's

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Do the terms caster, camber, toe in toe out mean anything to You?
Probably not! To the Trained Technicians at Kia Richmond these terms when set up properly on our 4 Wheel alignment machine mean normal tire wear, the vehicle drives straight and Most of All YOUR Family's Safety.

- Are Your tires wearing unevenly?
- Perhaps no tread left on the inside or outside of the tire?
- Does your vehicle "pull" to one side when the steering wheel isn't being held straight? 

Those are both signs that your wheels are "out of alignment"

The Trained Technicians at Kia Vancouver can perform a
Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment on any make or model of vehicle.
Protect Your Family with a 4 wheel alignment from Kia Vancouver Today.